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«I am a Ioly foster»

Carol – anonymous (copied c. 1510–1520)

From «Nowell, nowell» 29.11.20

Basel Historical Museum, Barfüsserkirche



Grace Newcombe – Voice

Marc Lewon – Plectrum lute

Rui Stähelin – Plectrum lute

Musical director: Grace Newcombe


Live concert recording: Oren Kirschenbaum

Moderated by Grace Newcombe and Marc Lewon

Picture: Wild men on a stag hunt;

Tapestry, Basel c. 1468. Basel Historical Museum. © Peter Portner

03 HMB _Wilde Leute auf der Hirschjagd, Wandbehang, Basel c1468_AK © Peter Portner.jpg

I am a Ioly foster

and have ben many a day
[and] foster will I be styll
for shot ryght well I may

Wherfor shuld I hang up my bow
Upon the gren wod bough
I cane bend [and] draw a bow
And shot well enough

I am a Ioly foster ...

Wherfor shuld I hang up myne arrow
Opon the gren wode lynde
I have strength to mak it fle
[And] kyll both hard and hynd

I am a Ioly foster ...

Wherfor shuld I hang up my horne
Upon the gren wod tre
I can blow the deth of a dere
As well as any that ever I see

I am a Ioly foster ...

I am a jolly forester

And have been for a long time

And I will stay a forester

For I can shoot well.


Why shoud I hang my bow up

On a forest branch?

I can bend and draw a bow

And shoot well enough.

I am a jolly forester...


Why should I hang up my arrow

On the linden tree?

I have the strength to make it fly

And to kill both the hart and the doe.

I am a jolly forester...


Why should I hang up my horn

On a forest tree?

I can herald the death of a deer

Better than anyone else.

I am a jolly forester...

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